Trading Options – How To Invest Your Money

It’s time to start investing some of that not so easy money that just came my way.  I am looking into trading options and a couple other opportunities.  How do I do it without looking like a total newbie?

I’ll research the subject a bit.  Okay more than a bit!

My Uncle Joe made some money on the market, and I am sure I can lean on him a little.  But it seems like these days all I’m doing is researching investment opportunities online.  Having mentioned that take a look at this good blog post I found that I feel could help me and if it can help me it can help you figures some things out as well.

Happy My Birthday!

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The market kneejerk reaction to the Cyprus solution may already be behind us, and if not, is not likely to hold much longer as a number of ugly precedents have been set that are likely to weigh on the Euro from here.

The market knee-jerked higher overnight on the “Great, no chaos” trade, but a bit of “on second thought” seems to be settling in this morning on the possible realization that this solution is not cause for widespread celebration. The deal sets a number of ugly precedents – in particular that this scheme was cooked up without the Cyprus parliament taking a vote – i.e., it was simply imposed from above. That and the fact that significant depositor funds in the largest Cyprus banks will be wiped out is going to make holders of Euro assets across the EU nervous in the bigger picture.

So yes, we have avoided the free-fall, disorderly, Cyprus-exits-the-EU scenario, but the proposed solution offers relatively cold comfort. From here, we can expect that the bailout costs for Cyprus could actually mushroom significantly as the capital and people will flee the island mercilessly once capital controls are lifted (and the need for capital controls in the first place shows the ongoing risks presented by capital flight) . This “solution” is likely to mean that the Cyprus business model is dead and gone….More at Cyprus celebration not likely sustainable |

There you have it.  Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope to tell you all about the good results soon!

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