"It's All Magic Except To The Magician"


Dear Trader,

The headline above really says it all when it comes to successful trading.

Because, when it comes to trading successfully those who do it easily look like "magicians" to those
who are losing money.
When you see a good magic trick, it is thrilling. I love magic.

But when you find out how the trick is actually done it can be a little disappointing, don't you think?

"Oh! ... THAT'S how it's done?"

And it's the same with trading. Once you see how it's done successfully you'll say the same thing.

But like all magic tricks, if you're trying to figure it out on your own, without a magician's help,
it takes potentially hundreds of hours of research to see how it's really done. Most people probably won't be
able to figure it out without someone's help - the truth behind the trick is rarely that obvious.

And neither is trading success. It's simply not 'obvious' how to be successful, without help.

The problem is finding that help...

  • It's not available on Youtube
  • It's not available in any book
  • It's not available in a movie

Trading success is in the minds of those who have devoted their time, money,
energy and lives to this profession.

This is not a hobby. It's not a game. Successful trading is a business.

Let me share with you the most important thing that I have discovered during the 40 years I've been in the business of trading the markets.

Give Yourself a Significant Edge

In order to succeed in the markets you need a significant edge. It has to be so significant that,
once you find it, no other indicator, market study or chart pattern, even comes close to it.

I'm not talking about a special technical 'indicator' that you use, or the time of day you trade, or a
candlestick 'pattern' that repeats. Those could be valuable but they are not a significant edge.

The strategy that I use to give myself a significant edge is going long or short volatility on major
markets (they have better liquidity), adjusted for two option "Greeks" called delta and gamma. The spreadsheets below are what I use to measure historic volatility spreads on the treasuries market (top) and the major stock indexes (bottom):



I do not use charts to get trading signals. Instead I use freely available market data and then mine that data to find correlations and statistical anomalies. After generating a signal, I use these charts to enter or exit trades with precision. HLOM members receive both spreadsheets above in Excel format, with all formulas and sources for importing the data required for generating trading signals.

There are hundreds of ways to trade the markets and there are almost as many markets. The combinations of ways to trade and markets to trade are enormous. But you know what? The reason most traders fail is, that they have too many choices.

Too many technical indicators to choose from, too many markets, too many platforms, too many gurus, etc. Then there's the information that comes out nearly every day - earnings announcements, economic releases, world events, news and disasters, scandals, arrests, government statistics, etc.

How do you trade successfully when you're drowning in information and trading opportunities?

Pretty soon you're like a "deer in the headlights" ... stunned by the light of too much
information and unable to move out of harms way.

I have made it my life's work to find the data, correlations and anomalies that can give us the edge that you need to be successful in the markets. Now, for the first time, I'm sharing these proven and exciting results with the public.

A High Probability of Success

I probably don't have to tell you that information overload will hurt your trading performance - and it's such a big part of trading. That's the first discussion I have with my coaching clients in one-on-one sessions.

Trading is not easy and you can easily be distracted, so to succeed .... you need a plan - but very few plans that I've seen over the last 40 years give you the opportunity for a high probability of success. 

Since trading offers almost unlimited opportunities, you must set the parameters of what you'll trade, when you'll trade, how you'll trade and how long you'll trade. All plans seek to constrain your trading to the markets and to the parameters you set. That's exactly what you want them to do, but many plans don't work. They fail for one simple reason - they rarely work in all market contitions.

But I've got you covered... Two of the three strategies I have developed work well in all market conditions, and the third one works well under special market conditions.

Let me share with you how I came to develop . . .

The Near Risk-less Trading (NRT) System

In 2005 I paid for a seminar from a well-respected option training firm that was supposed to teach ‘advanced’ strategies in option trading. The cost was $5,000 for 2 days of instruction. I received no individual attention and learned nothing of what I consider advanced training. All I learned was Call and Put debit spreads and an "introduction" (very basic) to the Greeks.

I attended a second smaller seminar that was about how to trade futures successfully. It cost me $7,500.

What they taught was how to use MACD and a few other ‘indicators’ to succeed with futures. It was apparent none of the instructors had any actual experience trading futures contacts with real money. I pressed one of the instructors on this point and sure enough, he admitted he only traded futures using a simulated account (paper money) and never risked any of his own money!

Since then I’ve always been skeptical of what some people call “advanced” option and futures training – especially from those who have never put real money - their own money - on trades.

I have over 40 years experience trading with my own money. I started trading options in 1987 and stocks in 1974. I've traded stocks, options, futures, commodities, bonds and more. In the summer of 1987 they wrote about my trades in Barron's.

I created the underground best selling trading course online, "Trading As A Business" (sometimes called "Expert Option Trading"), then created XTR ProTrader and finally... the Near Risk-less Trading (NRT) system. 

There are only two ways to be successful trading the markets today: 

1) Get experience. Nothing beats it. Not advanced degrees, not studying it on your own or lurking in trading forums, or looking for the 'secret' on Youtube. But experience comes at a price and usually that price is losing money, maybe even a lot of money. 

2) Get the training and experience from someone who's done it, who's been there and knows what they are talking about. So many people online are "teaching" trading but don't know what they are doing or have never traded real money.

So you have the choice of getting experience yourself, OR learning from the experience of others.

The first way is expensive and time consuming, the second could shave years off your learning curve.

That's why I started the High Level Options Mentoring program (HLOM).

If there was a Navy Seal training equivalent in trading as a business, this is it!

You'll receive 50X times your money in value and in renewed confidence and a specific trading plan and proprietary set of revolutionary strategies (an edge) that you can use for the rest of your life.

I call these strategies NRT (Near Risk-less Trading). You'll see why if you decide to join our exclusive membership.

The Highlights of my NRT Strategies

1) Makes money whether the market goes up or down.
You do not need to watch individual stocks, futures, options or markets. The system I use creates a unique arbitrage opportunity that makes money whether the markets go, up, down or sideways, after you've placed the trade.

All you need to do is update the spreadsheets that I give give you, which identify volatility arbitrage
opportunities (examples above) -
then watch a couple of charts to time your entries and exits.

I have not seen anyone create opportunities in the market like this. It's a very different way to look at trading - in fact, when I tell other traders about it I tell them I do not trade the same market they do. They do not fully understand what I mean until they see it for themselves.  

2) You can hold positions with confidence.
You will have the tools you need to evaluate your position in any time frame. If you're a short term trader you will have much more confidence in your entry and exits.

If you have a slightly longer time frame you'll have the same confidence. When you create a position you will know exactly when to get in and when to get out using my strategies. 

3) Instead of reacting to the news you can be in a position to profit from the market at any time.
The news can affect your positions. But you'll have all the information you need to be successful. Using our tools you'll have advanced notice of major market moves.

4) Using NRT#1 you are protected if the market goes against you and you can even make money if it goes against you significantly.

5) You have the opportunity for frequent profits and the opportunities are endless using NRT#3
- a unique, low-risk, easy to enter and exit income method and in the words of one of our clients, is"Money In The Bank"

They are EFFICIENT, SIMPLE, and EASY to manage - 15-30 minutes twice a day does it - and you leave them alone until you're ready to take the profits.


In order for you to make a living trading, you need to do it as a business and what you will learn in these HLOM sessions will give you exactly that knowledge. These strategies were developed using real money, so they are battle tested to work in a real trading account.

They are not theories or "good trading ideas"... You will learn some things paper trading, but until you put your money on the line you will not learn the depth of a real trading experience.

I've traded hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars over my lifetime of my own money ... and I have learned, what few people learn, about what it really takes to be successful.

Things like ...

1) PROTECT YOUR CAPITAL while still allowing the opportunity for substantial profits.

The biggest problem facing most traders is how to protect capital without sacrificing profits. Too much leverage is risky, too little means low profits. The method we use preserves capital while giving you the opportunity for large profits.

2) How To Give yourself plenty of opportunities for Both Small and Large Profits, but more importantly ... Frequent Profits.

The NRT system has three methods:

  • One gives signals once or twice a year.
  • The second one generates monthly signals and
  • The third one gives signals daily in two different types of trades.

If you put all three trades together you have a system that covers all time frames and market conditions with exceptional profit opportunities.

3) How To Manage Your Risk.
There's no mystery to risk management but few follow it because its hard to do. 
No one likes to lose money. But in business and trading, money is lost all the time. It depends on you to control the losses. The truth is, you can decide how much you will lose.

Most traders think that a trade will "come back" and so they stay in a losing trade longer than they should. The best loss is an early loss that is taken. We set specific rules on trades so losses are minimized.

4) How To Trade In All Market Conditions.
To have confidence in a system you need to understand it completely. I provide you with every detail of the system - nothing is hidden - so that you can trade it with confidence.

5) How, with Patience, even a short-term trade can make you more money than you think or expect.

When you have a profit, knowing when to get out is just as important as knowing when to take a loss. The answer is simple. The same rule for taking an early loss on a position is used when you have a profit. For example in a new trade, if it goes against you by $200 then you would get out if that's your stop loss

The same rule applies if you have a $1500 profit. If your open profit drops to $1300 (down $200), you're out of the trade. Trading is sometimes just good math ... and giving yourself an opportunity to make morethan you lose.

These are the only strategies, after 40+ years of study, trading and experience, that does all the above and I will teach it to you.

Seriously! Once you learn this, you will not want to tell anyone else - except maybe your children.

The High Level Options Mentoring community will be a way for you to get feedback, suggestions, opinions, assistance, ideas and methods on your strategies from me as well as your peers that will be provided in each session.

You’ll be able to ask me directly by email or our online conference room and you can ask me anything.

And if I don’t know the answer I will find the answer, but chances are I will be able to answer any question you have even if you’re a pro because I have traded just about every instrument including stocks, stock and ETF options, futures like natural gas, dollar index, gold, silver, S&P500 mini's, Dow E-mini’s, and more.


Volatility Arbitrage and Statistical Anomalies

The strategy I use and teach is called Volatility Arbitrage (VA).

In addition, I use Statistical Anomalies (SA) to identify unique trading opportunities.

I call this combination of strategies, Near Riskless Trading, or simply "NRT".

Don't be intimidated by the terminology. It's actually a simple but very powerful strategy that can be traded in different markets. You will not have difficulty understanding it, and if you do, I'm here to help you with one-on-one sessions if necessary.

If you're not familiar with VA, you can get a few of the basic strategies using options here (NRT#2). There are also strategies using index options in combination with futures contracts (NRT#1), or using
futures contracts only (NRT#3).

The strategy can take many forms using various instruments. The way I use it is different than most. I use it only on the most liquid stock indexes - the DOW (DIA/YM), NASDAQ 100 (QQQ/NQ), S&P500 (SPY/ES) and RUSSELL 2000 (IWM/TF).

I also use it on Treasury futures: 30 Yr (ZB), 10 Yr (ZN), 5 Yr (ZF) and 2 Yr (ZT) maturities. 

Then I measure the volatility arbitrage spread, identify statistical anomalies and create positions on highly liquid ETF indexes and/or major futures contracts to profit from these opportunities.

Once we have identified an opportunity we use just two charts to spot entry and exit points:


These two charts for NRT#3 tell me everything I need to know to enter and exit trades based on the signals I get from the spreadsheets above.


The 'magical' part of this strategy is that, even though it sounds really complicated, the signals are clear 'short' or 'long' volatility positions and order entry is super-simple and super-simple to exit. 

There's no complicated order entry, no 'legging' into positions, no broker assist required.

Each step of the order process is explained on video with example after example.

In addition, if you ever need any help I'm here. As you can see from the comments made by members, I will do whatever it takes to help you succeed.

Some Questions Answered

a) What is the name of the strategy you are using and teaching in HLOM?

The strategy I am using is a variation of volatility arbitrage. If you are not familiar with the strategy you can read the basics here: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/v/volatility-arbitrage.asp
The instruments we use are options & futures. There are three strategies - one strategy uses options only (NRt#2), one uses futures only (NRT#3) and one strategy uses futures+options (NRT#1).
 b) Does it require any special software or signal service (paid or free)? Will I be able to trade with OptionNetExplorer or OptionVue?
You won't need any special software or subscribe to any signal service out side of the Tradingology members website. All you will need to trade this system is an account at ThinkorSwim (TDAmeritrade) and or InteractiveBrokers. However, most of the charting we use 
c) I have downloaded "NRT-4-15-17-trackrecord.pdf" but it is not clear what the first columns mean (e.g. 0 -1 -2; |||||; 1 1 1 0 0) and what mean those letters in the last column - F/B B/F BC VAS, etc
That's what I teach... those notes are proprietary to the strategy. I mean I will tell you what they are acronyms for but it would not make any sense unless you got the training. 
VAS = Volatility Arbitrage Spread
F/B = Front to Back
B/F =Back to Front
BC = Bell Curve
The columns display a statistical anomaly I discovered that creates a bell curve at various levels of the VAS. The 11100 is a visual representation of the trend of the VAS and I used "0's" and "1's" to make that representation easier because the trend is binary (either "up" or "down"). 1= UP, 0=DOWN
d) Do we profit from theta or gamma (stock move) in this strategy?
Neither. We profit from delta neutral/bias positions in NRT#1 and statistical anomalies and volatility arbitrage in NRT#2 and NRT#3.
e) Are XTR and HLOM different products?
Yes. XTR is included in the basic level of membership. It is a method I use to measure general market conditions and potential moves up and down in the broad markets.
HLOM is the mentoring program for the Volatility Arbitrage strategies described on this page.

Here's What you Get with the

High Level Options Mentoring (HLOM) program:

1. Recorded Live Sessions. Access the HLOM live recorded sessions for Group 1 and Group 2 (the current "live' groups). There are a total of 24 sessions for each group. There's now a total of 48 in-depth video sessions along with the latest Short TermTrader video training, an "extended Session" and recorded "live" Trading Room videos.

2. All Live Session Handouts and Downloads. You'll also receive all the handouts, PDF files, Q&A videos, TOS setups and spreadsheets and everything that the live group receives.

3. NEW! Technical Analysis Class! This exclusive class will teach you how I day trade and swing trade the YM, ES and NQ futures, how to determine support and resistance points, identify technical patters such as flags, pennants, head and shoulder, diamond, reversal patterns, impulse waves, hooks and more... join now and all recorded classes will be yours at no extra charge! (A $750 value)

4. Other options trading video courses that I've created in the past, including the Winning Trade System.

If you have any other questions let me know ... however...

The price could rise and it will still be a bargain! But now's the time to save... and with everything you get it's easily a $5,000 to 7,000 value - but you won't pay near that if you join today!

Here's What Our Members Have To Say:

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If you decide to join, there is no upsell. What you subscribe to, is the entire program and I hold nothing back to sell to you later. I don't want you dependent on me, I want you independent and able to trade this system on your own without my help.


Well ... I don't like to think about it, but I might get hit by a bus one day and that will meant that you're out of luck if you depend on me to give you trading signals. Instead, I want you to have everything you need to succeed - everything.

That means you get to download every video session, every PDF and every Excel spreadsheet. You'll also learn how to update them and use them to trade this system effectively.

No Money To Trade? No Problem.

Trade Other People's Money

There are some private equity firms that allow you to trade other people's money...  if you can pass their test.

You can choose to trade from $30,000 up to $250,000 of other people's money

So even if you do not have the capital available to trade, you can learn my system, pass their test and get a funded account. This is how it works:

Pass their test.
Get a funded account... and
When you make money you keep up to 80% of the profits.

What Are Your Options?

Keep spinning your wheels and wasting money on systems that never had a chance of working in the long term.

Or learn to trade like a professional and watch your trading change as you learn everything you need to be successful. You can look forward to:

1. Consistent, reliable profits

2. Preservation of capital

3. Trading with confidence

4. Avoiding large loses

5. Developing patience

6. A specific, proven plan and strategy

Here's What You'll Get With Your HLOM Membership

=> 50+ in-depth recorded 'live' session and Bonus videos
(to-date) including:
  • Recorded "live" HLOM and NRT training sessions.
  • Opportunity to post questions on any relevant training video or market commentary.
  • "Trading Room" videos - where you can witness recordings of live trading sessions.
  • Short Term Trader training and webinar - how to trade with other peoples' money
  • Access to a number of advanced level training courses and materials that have been published over the years.
  • Updates and notifications - briefings of major market signals, as they occur.
  • New training material as it is published.
  • Technical analysis classes
=> Excel spreadsheets, PDF's, TOS trading platform setups and other program downloads.
=> Group Q&A Sessions (by request

You Decide. . .

A One Time Payment, OR
A Monthly Subscription Plan

Whichever option you choose, you will receive access to all of the live recorded sessions to watch at your convenience as well as all the handouts and spreadsheets. This is a great option for busy people working full-time or odd hours.

If you continue your membership, you'll also have the opportunity to receive the same great teaching in live weekly sessions with me, but at a discount, plus all future training material as it becomes available.

PLUS a Lifetime Subscription to Trading Membership (XTR ProTrader level) ( $997/year value), and more... !

DISCOUNT Price: $997

DISCOUNT Price: $97

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If you'd like a proven system capable of earning you a full-time income from home then take action right now. Get your hands on this program today...

Grab your spot now before the price goes back up, if this is something you would like to be a part of.

YES, I want to Join High Level Mentoring

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Yes, I want to make money with stocks, options and futures!

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Trade with confidence!

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