How To Cancel Your HLOM Subscription

Please note our cancellation policy at bottom of this page.

If you paid with a Paypal subscription, you can simply cancel it in your Paypal account. We will be notified and cancel your membership on the appropriate cancellation date.

Or simply click the Paypal Unsubscibe button below.

This will cancel your HLOM subscription and payments in Paypal automatically.

Alternatively ...

Put in a support ticket at with the words "Please Cancel HLOM" in the Subject.

In the body of your email please copy and paste the following:

First Name:
Last Name:
Purchase ID (PID):
Email Address you joined with:

(You will find all the above by clicking the "MY ACCOUNT" link in your membership area)

We will then cancel your account and any future monthly subscription payments on the due date.

Cancellations will be recognized based on the date and time stamp in your notification.

After that, you will no longer be able to access any features of your Tradingology HLOM membership.

You are welcome to resubscribe at any time for the current monthly fee.

Cancellation Policy:  Once your membership has been paid, or automatically renewed, cancellations will not be effective until the next payment due date. Late cancellations cannot be processed retrospectively.


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