New Options Trading Desk Launched by Raymond James

Raymond James has launched a new options trading desk bolstered by a 12 man team based in New York. This team uses many types of option trading strategies in order to approach volatility as an asset class. Trades will be executed agency-only and will promote alternative investment strategies and hedging for the benefit of their clientele. This project has been highly researched by Raymond James and his associates which includes their senior managing director Dan McMahon.

trading options

Raymond James has launch a strategic options desk that will approach volatility as an individual asset class and provide hedging and alternative investment strategies to its clients.

The 12-strong New York-based team will be led by managing directors Ryan Sylvester and Adam Templeton, who report into senior managing director and director of institutional equity trading Dan McMahon.

The team use a range of strategies using equity, index and exchange traded fund options to develop strategies to approach volatility as an asset class with trades executed on an agency-only basis. To finish reading Raymond James launches strategic options trading desk click here.

Dan McMahon believes that the extensive growth of listed equity derivatives within the past ten years will enable their group to capture alternative investments strategies. The investment group is comprised of highly skilled and highly experienced traders who have worked in this industry and with these forms of investments for many years.

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