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just going sideways does not help our position at all. We want movement. We want to be able to get in when we have an opportunity to capture extreme price movements.

This is actual trading. This is real money. This is my own money that I’m putting on the line, to trade this stuff. Even if I only make a $25 profit on a trade, I’ll take it, because money is money. Who’s going to hand you $25, right?

The thing is, I do not want to take a trade in which I am uncertain. I want some confirmation, either from the internals, or the price action itself.

Let’s see if we can get one more in here, before I close out this video. We may not get one, though. I’ll wait a couple of minutes. The only thing that bothers me is this topping tail, here. We may have to turn our attention elsewhere.

Let’s see what else I can find. There’s not much action anywhere right now. We’ll stick with the BBM. We’ve had pretty good success with them so far, today.

I turned my eyes away, and I missed that trade. I could have caught a few pennies here. Their market internals and everything else – it looks like they’re lining up. The only thing that bothers me is this little topping tail here. I’m not a big fan of that. I may go to the DDM, and see if… I like to trade those extremes, so I might set those up as a trade here.

I don’t like that topping tail, either. But I have a topping tail at the bottom, and I have topping tails at the top. What does that tell you? We could end up trading sideways for the rest of the day, and it’s only 12:28 PM.

Let’s see what happens here. I’m playing chess with the market. When the market makes a move – let me show you these internals again, because I’m constantly looking at these. When these trade down, the prices follow. I’m using this as a leading indicator of prices.

They turn green, as soon as the new bar comes up. Then they turn red. I want to see if they continue to turn red, or if they do actually turn green I just don’t like that topping bar there, that wick.

That’s the only reason I didn’t take this trade. It would have turned out to be a good trade, but it was high-risk, in my estimation. We’re kind of at an extreme here. This might actually be a good place to enter. Let’s see.

I’m getting green bars on my advance decline and my volume levels. This could be a good entry point. Let’s see where we’re trading.

It’s just not trading at all. I’m going to go for it here. I’m going to get in. I see everything is going green. Let’s see if we get a little rally, here. We should get a rally. All the internals are going green.

On my internals, I have three green bars in a row, now. I’ll just show you my internals, really quickly. I have three green bars, and it just jumped up. I have only one green bar on volume. That shows me that there’s some strength here. I might be able to get out of this with a nice profit.

5346. I’m going to take 400 off. I like to capture as much profit as I can. As soon as I see some extreme levels here… My internals look good. My instrument panel is good. I’m playing chess with the market. The market made a move, and I responded.

We’re up 17 issues, now. I am trading against the trend of the market, though. You have to be extremely nimble, when trading against the trend of the market.

I’m going to get out at 400 shares there, and take a small profit. I still have 100 shares left. What did I get out at? I only have about 14 cents on there. I didn’t get very much, but there’s enough for a small profit. There are still 100 shares left. I can let that ride.

I don’t like to do that when I’m trading against the market, though. But I’m getting some green bars over here, so I may let this ride a little bit. I have four green bars on my advance-decline issues. I have two green bars on my volume. I can afford to hang in there a little bit, with these last 100 shares.

Let’s see if it makes me some money. This one seems like it wants to go a little bit higher.

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