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As you can see, as we’re going through these charts, there are plenty of opportunities out there.

This looks like it could be an Inside Day, but it’s not. This bar’s particular high is higher than the day before it. We’re just going through here, to see if I can see some additional opportunities.

Here’s one. This is not an ideal setup, but I don’t want to give you all ideal set-ups. This is an Inside Day, right here. It’s not a bad setup, maybe, because of this white bar here that precedes it. This is technically an Inside Day. You would have gone short here. You would have hit at least one profit target here, and maybe two, but at least one.

You can see how the prices tend to vacillate around this Inside Day, as it went forward here. Here’s another Inside Day. As you get more experienced doing this, you’ll be able to pick these up pretty quickly. This particular low was $67.98. This low was $68.02. It’s a little bit of a higher low, so it would qualify as an Inside Day. It did not get filled, though. It gapped higher in the very next day, and it never traded back down into your entry area.

We let that one go, and we move on to the next trade. Here’s one in particular that reversed. This is a trade that you can short here. You may have hit one profit target down here. In this case, however, it reversed, and it went higher. If you saw it starting to reverse, down in here, you probably would have gotten to the point where you wanted to exit the trade, and that’s what I did on this particular trade.

Here’s another one that was set up. We went short here, as it entered the lower end of this particular channel. You would have hit just one area, though.

Let’s go onto another. Let’s just pick a stock at random, here. We have BWA, Borg Warner Inc. Let’s go back a little bit here, and see if we can find something at random. This is an Inside Day, right here. I’m just trying to give you as many examples as I possibly can. You would have gotten filled here.

Let’s go to another stock. Let’s go to Dell. I’ll give you one or two more examples, here. Here’s an Inside Day. This one had a particularly long red body. It also had a very long bar range here. I would not have picked that one. That’s not particularly attractive to me.

This one, on the other hand, is more attractive – with the big white bar and the small red body here. I’ll draw a line here. We would not have gotten filled on the short side. We would have gotten long on the long side. We would have hit at least one profit target, maybe two, on Day 4.

One more example here, and we’ll wrap this up. In this one, we would have gone short right here, at the low of this Inside Day. The low of this day was $24.09. We would have gone short at $24.08. We would have hit at least one profit target here. On the very next day, we would have hit the second profit target, and maybe even the third profit target.

That would have worked out very nicely. Anyway, those are some examples. There are more examples of trades hitting profit targets and reversing on the guide. I hope you take a look at the video companion Quick Start guide for more examples, and the detailed, written pages on exactly what Inside Days are, objectives, identifying Inside Days, the setup, why the trade works, stops criteria, trade management, calculating profit targets, exit rules and strategies, special situations, and more example trades.

I want to thank you guys very much. There are plenty of opportunities out there, for these particular trades. As I’m looking, as I mentioned, there are lots of opportunities. Once you begin to recognize these particular types of trades, you see them all the time.

In this particular trade – this is not in the Quick Start guide, but I may have set my stop loss down here, just to give that a little more room, since this closed in the upper end of the particular bar. But it looks like I would have gotten filled and stopped out here. However, it could have reversed and gone higher, and that would have been a very nice trade indeed.

If you’re an aggressive player, you could have actually kept part of your position, just in case. Anyway, I wish you guys the best of luck. Go out there and trade with confidence

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