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6 Responses to Contact Form

  1. steve chant says:

    Hello Tim,

    I have purchased your program over a year ago, have not yet watched the whole thing. What I am interested in most was scalping, gamma scalping and also extreme trading segment of the course. I was wondering if those two method still work for you and has anything changes since the course is outdated.

    appreciate any feedback.

  2. Eric Eppley says:


    Your course, which includes the 42 videos on DVD plus bonus material, sounds very much of interest to me. I understand options quite well but perhaps due to time (job/work) have not developed consistent income methods. Does your course cover this and will it have valuable strategies/information that is not available through other courses?

    Thank You,
    Eric Eppley

  3. ed johnson says:

    I have looked at your video package several times,i probably will purchase it even though I am also doing some other similar type purchases,the thing I am not clear on is when you buy options on a fluctuating market I thought you did not have to worry about if it goes up or down as long as you are in the money before it expires,this adjusting is total greek to me,i have an acct at etrade that is funded so your videos would fall in line if I use thinkorswim,i have a think or swim acct but not funded,the thing is as a trader unless cash you are limited to 3 trades per week unless you use an out or the u.s broker like suretrader which has all kinds of conditions that I cant meet as I work for myself all alone and do not even have references for them,do you know of any good out of the u.s brokerages I could use?

    • admin says:

      Sorry Ed, I missed this.

      Barron’s rated options brokers recently and they said:

      Best for Options

      Best for Intenational Traders
      Interactive Brokers

      Best regards,


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